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Wholesale & Resellers Info

How does the process work?

1. Apply as a wholesaler. 2. Once we approve your account login and pick your stickers. 3. Checkout via the discount prices. 4. We fulfill and ship your order. 5. you make money, that's it and that simple

How can I become an approved wholesaler or reseller?

If you are Interested to become a wholesalers or resellers you must apply, and be approved. Once you are approved you can start ordering and see the discounted prices. Click on register

Are stickers great up sale products?

They are one of the best in my opinion. Most people like stickers and/or will buy them as gift especially when they are relevant stickers.

What kind of locations can sell stickers?

Anywhere; tourist locations, gas stations, malls, gun shops, dispensaries, Etsy, Websites, and anywhere you can up sale a customer. It is about offering the right stickers that appeal to your customers.

What kind of profit can I make selling stickers?

Sticker resellers usually sell a 3"-4" sticker for $3 to $4. If we use the middle $3.49/msrp you would get your money back and additional 130% or more in profit.

How many stickers can I sell at my store?

Stickers are one of the most purchased items in the stores we talk to and it surprises us sometimes on the volume that small locations can sell.

What is the best way to display stickers for sale?

We find the best way is on a "sticker stand". We offer these with engraved items that represent our business like Our logo, Veteran Owned, 100% made in USA, donations and MSRP's of the stickers. We can also offer a custom stand just for your location if needed.

Is there a minimum order quantity for stickers?

Yes, but only per each sticker design must be ordered with a minimum of 10 units and in multiples of 10 (e.g., 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.). We have no financial minimum and make this process super easy.

Is there a minimum dollar order amount?

No, we only require you order in multiples of 10 on the stickers as we have them prepacked for easy and fast order fulfilment.

Can I order stickers in quantities not in multiples of 10?

No, orders must be placed in multiples of 10 to ensure efficiency and maintain our quality standards.

I applied, how long before my account is approved?

Very fast, we review accounts daily M-F. It should normally be approved the same or next day.

I do not see discounted prices?

Most likely you are not logged in as an approved reseller/wholesaler. Send us an email via our contact form and we will happily inform or correct any issue.

Stickers & Products

How thick are your stickers?

They are top quality with super thick 6 mil vinyl with an additional 2.5 mil layer of clear laminate for extra durability and protection.

What sizes of stickers do you offer?

A wide range of sizes. We create every sticker to be a good size for the price. We want the end consumer to feel that the purchased a great sticker for the price. Most range from 3" to 4.15", but some go up to 6".

What is the quality of your stickers vs other stickers?

Other sticker companies (not all) that focus on wholesale/reselling use 2.5mil thick stickers. We use 6mil vinyl and 2.5 mils of clear laminate for 8.5mils thick. 8.5 vs 2.5, the quality shows in our stickers.

How durable are your stickers?

Our stickers with the clear laminate are designed to withstand outdoor weather environments, even the dishwasher.

Are your stickers and materials sourced from the USA?

They are 100% made in the USA. We source our vinyl and laminate from USA manufacturers and print every sticker in the state of Montana.

Do you offer custom stickers?

Yes, but our focus is wholesale/reselling and making that process easy for you. If you want a quote on custom stickers email us the size, quantity and file and we will quote it. support@stickerpeople.com

How do I submit a design for custom stickers?

Send an email to support@stickerpeople.com with the subject "Quote" and include the estimated size,& quantity. Please attach the file of the design you want.

Where can I apply the stickers?

Can I stick these on a water bottle?

Absolutely, the quality and clear lamination are made to hold up to these environments. Preparation and placement will extend the life of the sticker.

Can I put them on my vehicle.

100%, they are made for outdoor conditions and the stickers are made to put on your vehicle. Preparation and placement will extend the life of the sticker.

Can I put them on a laptop or cell phone.

The quality and clear lamination are made to put your stickers on laptop and cell phones. Preparation and placement will extend the life of the sticker.

Can I put them on my luggage?

Yes, the quality and clear lamination are made to put your stickers on travel luggage. Make sure the surface is flat, smooth and preparation and placement will extend the life of the sticker.

How do install the stickers?

Always clean the area you are placing the sticker, preferably with isopropyl alcohol, let dry and apply. A proper place will extend the life of the sticker. The area should be flat and smooth to provide proper adhesion.

Shipping & handling

Is shipping free?

Yes if you place an order over $400. We highly discount our stickers to make sure you make a great return.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the world and have great rates. Depending on the order value shipping can be free and included.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We are a high volume sticker company that supplies resellers. we do our best to get your order fulfilled within 2-3 days M-F. we print and stocks the most popular stickers to make sure the fulfillment times are as fast a possible.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS, depending on the size and destination of the order.

How are the stickers packaged for shipping?

Stickers are carefully packaged and placed in plastic sleeves to prevent damage during shipping.

Pricing and Payment

What is the pricing structure for wholesale and resellers?

We do keep the buy price private until you are an approved buyer. Most resellers depending on MSRP will see their money back and 130% pure profit or more.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

We actually already have our stickers discounted just for resellers. However, for custom orders we absolutely do and offer great prices.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon pay at checkout. We also offer NET terms for established customers.

Do you have NET payment terms?

Yes, for our established customers we offer NET 30, 60. 90 to help them sale the stickers befor ethe payment is owed. Again, we do our best to support our customers.

Still need an answer?

If the answers you're looking for aren't in our FAQ, please send us an email by completing the form below.