Camo Elk Bugling Transfer

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Camo Elk Bugling Sticker
Transfer Sticker for windows

Add a wild touch to your gear with our Camo Elk Bugling Sticker. Merging the untamed spirit of nature with the stealth of camouflage, this sticker showcases the majestic silhouette of an elk in mid-bugle, its powerful stance frozen in time. The elk's form is artfully filled with a classic camouflage pattern, blending shades of green, brown, and beige, perfect for expressing your love for the great outdoors and wildlife.

This durable vinyl sticker is cut to precision, allowing the intricate details of the elk's antlers and fur to stand out. Designed by a proud veteran and woman-owned business, it's a statement piece that's equally at home on your laptop, water bottle, or the bumper of your off-road vehicle.


  • Size: Approximately 4" wide 
  • Material: Durable, weather-resistant vinyl with clear laminate.
  • Adhesive: Strong, lasting hold
  • Use: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Care: Easy to clean, water-resistant
  • Clean the surface with alcohol before installing. 

Whether you're customizing your hunting equipment or looking to bring a bit of the wilderness into your everyday life, this Camo Elk Bugling Sticker is the perfect choice. It's easy to apply and is designed to last, just like the lasting impression it leaves.

Embrace the call of the wild. Add this bold "Camo Elk Bugling Sticker" to your cart today and carry the essence of the forest with you wherever you go!

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